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Our Service

Our position as a leader in the creation of desktop and online applications has been propelled by the combination of our extensive technical knowledge, years of experience, and in-depth grasp of emerging technologies. Notebrains is not just your run-of-the-mill software developer; as a technology-savvy development house, we assist you with maintaining and improving your product after release. Notebrains is a one-stop shop that creates solutions with your company's needs in mind, and we have examples of desktop applications to back them up.Watch your ideas come to life as we create, design, and promote your desktop application. You can relax knowing that a single organization will manage all aspects of your product, from conception through user development and acquisition. This removes misunderstandings, saves money, and provides you with a committed and knowledgeable workforce that can pave the way for a smooth software lifecycle.


    Our Process

    Web & Desktop Application Consultation

    Our business analysts can help lay out the general parameters of a potential web/desktop app by drawing on their expertise. Our project managers can also assist with a high-level project plan, time and cost projections, and help pick a technology stack.

    Custom Desktop Application Development

    Our experts have a track record of creating sophisticated desktop programs for a range of platforms while staying up to speed with emerging technology. We are ready to offer support if required, be it for migration, API development, or feature extension.

    Custom Progressive Web App Development

    We help brands deliver services to the fingertips of their user demographics on disparate platforms through the creation of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Our PWAs guarantee a bug-free operation and provide a native-like user experience even on new device platforms.

    App UI/UX Design

    Our user-centered, attractive, and welcoming designs cater to the demands of contemporary businesses and enterprises. We provide complete UI/UX services as an expert UI/UX design firm employing the most up-to-date techniques and technologies.

    App Testing Services

    To assist our customers in delivering high-quality software on time for frequent releases, Notebrains offers a comprehensive variety of QA services including test automation, test case creation for test-driven development, continuous testing framework, etc.

    App Maintenance & Support Services

    Deploy consummate application engineering professionals from Notebrains to stabilize your application, optimize your code, extend application features, and more. We have excellent cumulative experience in employing best practices to meet the changing needs of your business, at competitive operational costs.

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    Why Hire Notebrains

    At Notebrains, our goal is to provide our customers with innovative, cost-effective, and reliable software solutions. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and create long-term relationships with them.

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    Cutting-edge technology

    A combination of superlative technical expertise, years of experience, and deep knowledge of desktop operating systems structure helps us to extend the full cycle of desktop application development services.

    Regular feedback and communication

    Our developers and testers are regular users of project management and communication tools like Jira, Trello, Asana, Slack, etc. Our project managers serve as the Point-of-Contact for any feedback about performance and service quality assurance.

    English-speaking resources

    Our developers are fluent in English and speak with geography-neutral fluency when they communicate with your in-house resources. Hence, there is no ambiguity that can deter your projects.

    Discrete NDA-sealed confidentiality

    We maintain complete confidentiality when it comes to your projects, and ensure the highest-level of encryption and secrecy with your business data. We hand over the rights to all source code to client upon project completion.

    No hidden costs

    We offer a transparent breakdown of service costs to our clients. Hence, our clients only have to pay for the services as they go along.

    Fast onboarding to production

    We ensure that your SRS briefs are quickly disseminated so that your project can be expedited from the drawing board to the production floor in no-time.